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Alliances & Partners

SRG's strategic alliances have been carefully selected. Click on a logo below to read more about the partner relationship.

actuate.<span class=png" /> Actuate leads in next generation open source-based Rich Information Applications - Without Limits. From BIRT, the finest Open Source BI tool - to the iServer. We provide a platform for rich, interactive, and effective enterprise data  -  for everyone, everywhere.
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Cognos, a division of IBM, provides software products that combine reporting with enterprise risk management, planning, OLAP analysis, data integration, executive dashboards and scorecards. Performance management expertise goes into creating business intelligence tools that link data sources and protect investments in SAP, Oracle and other vendors.


Vertica, provided from HP, helps you monetize all of your data in real-time and at massive scale with the Vertica Analytics Platform. Vertica offers organizations new and faster ways to store, explore and serve more data while leveraging your existing technology and human capital investments.

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Crystal Reports software, provided by SAP, generates interactive reports that can be connected to virtually any data source. These reports provide on-report sorting and filtering allowing ad hoc analysis. As a result, you can leverage your reports to make better operational and strategic decisions.

These highly formatted reports provide what-if scenario models, interactive charts. Output can be delivered via the Web, e-mail, Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF, or embedded in enterprise applications.

<span class=kalido.gif" style="border-style: solid; border-width: 0px;" /> Kalido provides a business model-driven, best practice-based information management engine.  This engine can automatically feed information to end users through their BI tools making them more productive far more quickly and reducing internal costs. Kalido's information management engine allows you to quickly model critical business scenarios such as organizational change or margin analysis, unlocking true intelligence about your business.
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Microsoft provides enterprise software tools, infrastructure applications and business applications to manage small to large enterprise business information systems. These integrated products work together, providing comprehensive solutions to support successful businesses.
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QlikTech was founded on the belief that business intelligence (BI) should be about business users. Traditional BI solutions have become bloated, complex software stacks, leaving users confused and frustrated. QlikTech focuses on simplifying decision making for business users across organizations. A pioneer in new approaches to access, manage and interact with data - their QlikView Business Discovery platform is recognized as a groundbreaking solutions. Used today in more than 21,000 companies the QlikTech relentless focus on customer success has resulted in a 96% customer satisfaction rate.
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Information Builders is driven to provide superior customer service and market-leading innovation every day. Their primary focus is customer success achieved by ensuring that customers can apply business intelligence and integration solutions to dramatically improve the performance of their entire organization. As IT infrastructures evolve organizations are implementing a variety of technologies to help measure and monitor business activity, manage performance, and to integrate operational processes to business intelligence. This adoption of integrated solutions has driven organizations to move away from static data to real-time dynamic information shared across the extended enterprise. IBI enables rapid adoption of this trend by providing award winning solutions including WebFOCUS and iWay which provided unsurpassed efficiencies to address corporate initiatives.

Alliance & Partner News

We are pleased to announce our alliance with QlikTech and Information Builders Inc. (IBI) as Advisory Partners. Our partnerships with QlikTech and IBI expand SRG's firm commitment to implement, and provide our present and future clients with, the preeminent cost efficient Business Intelligence solutions available in the industry.  Our years of consulting experience analyzing, recommending and implementing numerous BI software project solutions, coupled with our specialized industry focus with insure: reduced cost of ownership, increased business operational efficiency and enhanced competitive edge for your company. SRG is notorious for our industry expert consultant's on time, within budget project delivery which ensures rapid ROI results.

We have successfully delivered solutions with a wide variety of technologies including: IBM / Cognos, Oracle, SAP,Actuate, Kalido, and Tivoli. SRG's ability to integrate disparate data types which allows decision makers to compare internal and external data across time periods, geographies, business units, product lines and customers has enabled hundreds of successful BI implementations. We have experience with a wide variety of technologies such as Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) which allows our solutions to penetrate and provide analysis across vertical silos of data. This ability has allowed our solutions to adjust rapidly to corporate changes such as mergers and acquisitions.