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Our mission is to make your strategic, data, and technology projects successful by supplying to you top notch leaders and technical talent empowering you to make decisions that reduce risk, cut costs, increase revenue and speed time-to-market.

- Bob Clarke, President of SRG

Systems Resource Group Ltd. (SRG) is a premier, women owned, full service data and technology consulting firm that is committed to providing best in class talent to our clients on a project and staff augmentation basis. By clearly understanding your technical requirements, we are able to provide people with the technical expertise that allows you to successfully and consistently deliver your data and technology projects on time and within budget. Being one of the first business intelligence consulting and training firms in the Midwest, SRG established a track record for applying hybrid approaches to establish and execute data strategies for large datasets, high volume data and high-value data assets.

By creating long term relationships with our clients, we go beyond providing top notch IT consultants and staff. We pride ourselves on understanding the chemistry and complexities of your team to provide technology leaders that will enhance and lead your team to successful IT implementations on every project initiated.

Why we care about dataVisionary leadership reinforced by data drives organizations, executives, and human capital to establish a unique competitive advantage. Data helps you understand your current reality - your customers, your industry, and your human capital. Data is the new competitive advantage.

How we can helpData helps you proactively act to stay ahead of the competition. The right data drives innovation, growth, and profit faster than your competition in industries that are highly competitive, regulated, and commoditized. We keep you ahead of your competition through data driven operational excellence, data as a financial asset, data modernization, and data as an executive priority. We focus on financial, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail. We've been doing this for over 25 years.

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This white paper focuses on how to successfully navigate very large initiatives that change the way your business does businessA big initiative is a program or series of programs made up of strategic projects and supporting projects. These projects directly influence and impact the culture, leadership, management, organization structure, and systems for your organization.


This white paper overviews the concept of Big Data its real meaning including the benefits of Big Data as a corporate asset. Discussed is the importance of management to leverage data assets and to develop the right capabilities. The importance of human capital to support a competitive advantage offered via Big Data regardless of the industry your organization is focused on is imperatives.

This white paper overviews the problems your organization must solve to obtain your competitive advantage in the market. To maintain your competitive advantage data and Big Data strategies must be structured and managed in a specific ways.


This white paper details the application of Business Intelligence technology in the management of back office financial systems through the use of Actuate. The paper outlines major trends and issues within the financial service industry and details the impact and value delivered through the deployment of an integrated reporting system.  

Education_Thumbnail_2.png This white paper details the application of Business Intelligence technology in the management of financial and budgeting data through the use of the IBM Cognos product. The paper outlines major trends and issues within the education services industry and details the impact and value delivered through the deployment of an integrated reporting and analysis system.



This white paper details the causes of vertical silos of information within companies which impact management decisions and decrease profits. It discusses the use of  SOA - Service Oriented Architecture solutions to evolve those silos into Horizontal Centers of Excellence.

Our track recordSRG has been in the business of Business Intelligence and data development for over 25 years helping clients strategically manage and leverage their data assets.  To SRG Big Data is nothing new.  Enterprise analytics, commonly known as "Big Data", is creating an economic revolution today.  It's rapidly becoming the most important tool any business can wield against its staunchest competitors.  It allows organizational management to understand what they do well, what they need to do better, how to service their customers more efficiently, and how to thrive in the future.

Performance Management, Data Warehouse, Data Strategy-Development, Data Integration, Business Intelligence Analysis, Application Development and Big Data Strategy development have been a service delivery focus of SRG.  Our consultants have successfully served our large client base in the financial services, brokerage, insurance, manufacturing, healthcare and service industries on a project and staff augmentation basis for over 25 years.  Our consultants have consistently delivered successful project results for clients who have benefited from expert knowledge transfer and met client expectations.  SRG has earned its label of a "trusted source" as exclaimed by a large banking/brokerage institutional executive.  Quality human capital is the key to delivering anticipated and unanticipated, quantifiable benefits and project success for our clients.

We have successfully delivered projects with a wide variety of technologies including: IBM/Cognos,Microsoft, Oracle,SAP, Kalido, Information Builders, QlikTech, and Actuate. Our skill set includes the ability to deliver sophisticated Big Data Strategy Development and SOA - Service Oriented Architecture projects.